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At White Rock Beach Club Bali, we take pride in curating extraordinary experiences that blend music, culture, and endless fun. Our past events have left an indelible mark on the island’s entertainment scene, and we’ve had the privilege of hosting some of the world’s most renowned artists and DJs. Join us as we journey down memory lane and reminisce about our most electrifying gatherings, featuring stellar performances by artists such as:

**Central Cee from the UK** – Witnessed a sensational performance by Central Cee that set our beachfront stage ablaze with his chart-topping hits and magnetic energy.

**OWNBOSS** – OWNBOSS took the decks, turning the night into a pulsating dance floor, where beats and rhythms melded seamlessly with the sound of waves.

**Deniz Koyu** – Renowned DJ Deniz Koyu graced us with his presence, creating an unforgettable night of electronic music that had the crowd in ecstatic trance.

**Indonesian Artists: Weird Genius and Whisnu Santika** – Proudly showcasing the exceptional talents of Indonesia, we’ve had the privilege of hosting Weird Genius and Whisnu Santika, two of the country’s musical gems, who illuminated our stage with their unique sounds.

These luminous moments are just a glimpse of what White Rock Beach Club Bali has to offer. Join us for more thrilling events as we continue to create history, one unforgettable night at a time.

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